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What is Reinvent? – Quick Overview

Reinvent is a new media company that gathers top innovators in video conversations about how to fundamentally reinvent our world. We convene live, in-depth conversations over the new medium of group video with a mix of smart, knowledgeable, innovative people from a wide range of fields. We then take their best insights into the future or new ideas on how to make a better world and create short videos, graphics and posts that can reach broader audiences.

Each session is anchored by a remarkable innovator with deep expertise in a field who sets the table with a key question or a nascent idea on how to solve a complex problem. The anchor hosts a roundtable discussion with a mix of half a dozen other creative minds from different perspectives who add their insights and ideas. The whole 90-minute video conversation is streamed live to an engaged audience who can ask questions and add their own ideas as well. We then edit the HD video into a short overview of the best ideas and an even shorter trailer version that can easily move through social media.