• Scheduled: February 18, 2020 6:30 PM PST

    The Future of Food, Alternative Meats, and Many Materials

    Most of us today are just so caught up in the digital transformation, the ongoing computer and internet revolution, that we are largely missing the beginning of this next massive tech transformation. To catch up, you can start by sinking your teeth into an Impossible Burger. Alternative meats, whether plant-based like the Impossible Burger or cell-based and grown in vats, make up one of the first waves of products that has moved off the speculative drawing boards and into the actual public marketplace to give people some taste of what’s to come. This future of food, which is a harbinger to the future of bio-materials and an entire bio-economy, is the subject of our next What’s Now: San Francisco at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange.

    Participants: Liz Specht
  • Scheduled: March 5, 2020 3:30 PM PST

    Where the Long Symbiotic Relationship of Tech & Media Might End Up

    Join us at the next What’s Now: New York as we talk about the whole story of the past, present and future of the symbiotic relationship of the media and tech businesses. Our host Peter Leyden was a classmate of Kara’s at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism a long time ago and they both have tracked the tech story from complementary angles and may have different thoughts about its future – as you may as well. Come early to Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange to meet with your peers for drinks and food, and stay after to network. If you can’t make it, watch the livestream here too.

    Participants: Kara Swisher