• Completed: April 9, 2020 PST

    One Plan that Can Solve Both the Pandemic & Climate Emergency at the Same Time

    Almost overnight America has gone from a booming economy and full employment to an economy in free-fall and mass unemployment that soon will reach levels last seen at the height of The Great Depression. We are now in the midst of a pandemic emergency that may take trillions of dollars to solve. But the country is still in the midst of a slower moving but potentially more destructive climate emergency that also must be solved. Saul Griffith thinks now is the time to kill two birds with one stone with the ultimate infrastructure bill.

    Participants: Saul Griffith
  • Completed: April 7, 2020 PST

    Our Moment of Radical Uncertainty and the Extreme Scenarios We Now Face

    The coronavirus crisis arguably has thrown the world into a moment of profound uncertainty last seen in 1941 and the early years of World War II. This is the perfect time to use the proven tool of scenario planning in order to better understand the possible scenarios that lie ahead. And so we had a deep conversation with Peter Schwartz, an internationally renowned scenario planner who is the Chief Futures Officer and Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning at Salesforce. He led a team of people inside and outside Salesforce to quickly develop scenarios as the coronavirus crisis mushroomed.

    Participants: Peter Schwartz
  • Completed: February 18, 2020 PST

    The Future of Food, Alternative Meats, and Many Materials

    If you take the really big picture view, and look ahead over the coming decades, the biggest technological development of our time could well be synthetic biology, our ability to now engineer biological systems. To catch up, you can start by sinking your teeth into an Impossible Burger. Alternative meats, whether plant-based like the Impossible Burger or cell-based and grown in vats, make up one of the first waves of products that has moved off the speculative drawing boards and into the actual public marketplace to give people some taste of what’s to come. This future of food, which is a harbinger to the future of bio-materials and an entire bio-economy, is the subject of this What’s Now: San Francisco event with Liz Specht, Director of Science and Technology at the Good Food Institute.

    Participants: Liz Specht
  • Completed: November 14, 2019 PST

    A Path to Humane Technology – with Tristan Harris

    Tristan Harris believes that many technology companies have gone too far. They are tapping into base desires and fears hardwired into our primitive animal brains to keep people hooked on social media. The result is what he calls “human downgrading” which is leading to a wide range of social ills, from depression to political polarization. Harris is a world expert on how technology steers us all, the former Design Ethicist at Google who left to co-found the Center for Humane Technology, and he was our featured guest at What’s Now: San Francisco in November.

    Participants: Tristan Harris
  • Completed: June 27, 2019 PST

    The Co-Founder of 23andMe on the Next Phase of Consumer Genetic Testing

    Few people have as much perspective on what average people can know about their genetic makeup both now and in the near future than Linda Avey, the co-founder of the pioneering biotech company 23andMe. That company offered the world’s first personal genetics service and its method of using saliva and working directly with consumers earned the award of Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2008. It also set off a wave of competition and growth in the field throughout the developing world. Ten years later Avey has co-founded a new company that is positioned for the next phase of expanding easy access to genetic testing in the developing world, particularly in India. And this month Avey will share her thoughts on the state of genetic testing in developed and developing world alike as our next featured guest at What’s Now: San Francisco.

    Participants: Linda Avey
  • Completed: May 3, 2018 PST

    George Church: A Peek at the Future of Synthetic Biology and Radical Wellness

    George Church is one of the world’s leading geneticists. He is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and his innovations have contributed to nearly all “next generation” DNA sequencing methods. He has also pioneered new privacy, biosafety, environmental & biosecurity policies. Church is known for pioneering the specialized fields of personal genomics and synthetic biology.

  • Completed: May 3, 2018 PST

    Daisy Robinton: A Young Cell Biologist on How Science Might Prolong and Impact Her life

    Daisy Robinton is a postdoctoral research fellow in Beth Stevens’ lab at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. She spoke about her current research on neurodevelopment, cellular identity and the cell-to-cell interactions that contribute to neurodegenerative diseases. She is a co-founder of Weird and Wonderful, a production company aimed at bridging the knowledge gap in science by connecting with creativity and entertainment to engage, educate and inspire people from all walks of life.

  • Completed: May 3, 2018 PST

    Lee Hood: Getting Real About Radical Wellness

    Dr. Lee Hood has been a influential scientist since the 1960s. Throughout his career, he has adhered to the advice of his mentor, Dr. William J. Dreyer: “If you want to practice biology, do it on the leading edge, and if you want to be on the leading edge, invent new tools for deciphering biological information.”

  • Completed: May 3, 2018 PST

    Alexandra Drane: Massive Data

    Alexandra Drane, the President and Co-Founder, Eliza Corporation, has devoted her career to inspiring people to lead healthier, happier and more engaged lives through the use of innovative technology. She has launched four successful healthcare ventures over the past 15 years. She is currently president and co-founder of Eliza Corporation, a leading provider of integrated healthcare communication strategies and one of Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” (2009).

  • Completed: May 3, 2018 PST

    Iya Khalil: AI & Analysis (Can We make Sense of the Data?)

    Iya Khalil is the Co-Founder & CCO, GNS HealthCare – a technology entrepreneur and physicist with a vision of transforming medicine into a discipline that is quantitative, predictive, and patient-centric via big data analytic approaches. She co-founded two big data companies, Via Science and GNS Healthcare, and is the co-inventor of the proprietary computational engine that underpins both entities. Dr. Khalil’s expertise spans applications in drug discovery, drug development all the way to treatment algorithms that can be applied at the point of care.