Core Team

Peter Leyden

Founder and CEO
Peter Leyden founded Reinvent, runs the company as CEO, & drives the content vision. Leyden worked for several innovative organizations that helped reinvent the fields of media, business & politics: He was managing editor at the original Wired magazine that helped introduce the digital revolution in the 1990s. He worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank helping corporations plan for the future. He was founding director of the New Politics Institute that helped those in Washington transition to politics on the Internet. Leyden frequently gives keynote talks on new technologies & trends shaping the future. He is the coauthor of two books: The Long Boom and What’s Next. Leyden started his career as a journalist, including serving as a special correspondent for Newsweek magazine in Asia.


Brad Burkhart

Director of Partnerships
Brad Burkhart is the lead on developing partnerships with organizations that want to help reinvent a field, bring an interesting network to the table, & have the resources to make a meaningful impact. He also heads our new sponsorship initiative. Burkhart has a deep understanding of media that comes from having built several long-standing media enterprises from the ground up. His experience spans every aspect of media production and publishing, but it is perhaps deepest in the discipline of sales.




Andrea Cross

Managing Editor
Andrea has over twenty years of experience in journalism, storytelling, and production. She spent ten years at the acclaimed PBS science documentary series NOVA & helped develop the spin-off magazine series NOVA ScienceNOW. She received a Peabody Award for her work on the three-hour NOVA miniseries The Elegant Universe, hosted by physicist Brian Greene. More recently, she helped launch and expand multimedia efforts at the California Academy of Sciences & at the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Andrea lived in Germany where she collaborated on various international film projects. Along with her husband, she is the co-author of a German book explaining the science behind 100 myths about conception, pregnancy & birth.



Matt Sengbusch

Director of Technology and Design
Matt Sengbusch is responsible for constantly evolving the website & the video infrastructure that provides the backbone for our roundtables. He is also the chief designer who has created the look and feel of Reinvent & all its content. Matt has worked as a creative and technologist since studying Design and Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Sengbusch has a wide set of skills developed working with creative firms of all sizes. While much of Matt’s work focuses on technology design, he is also a musician, artist and all-around maker.




Kathleen Toohill

Digital Media Writer
Kathleen is our resident writer and social media strategist. Kathleen graduated from the University of Notre Dame and previously worked as an Account Manager of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen, where she managed YouTube strategy for brands. Kathleen is driven by a passion for compelling storytelling, & her writing has appeared in The Atlantic & ATTN:. She is currently working on a novel and has recently attained an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of San Francisco.




Shannon Breen

Multimedia Designer
Shannon creates interactive experiences; whether it be filming and editing a video or designing digital content. Shannon joined Reinvent as digital storyteller working in many avenues within the media industry including, documentary film, news, sports and feature films in cities from Portland, OR to Wellington, NZ. If she’s not at her desk, she’s either co-director at a non-profit summer for at-risk youth & children with disabilities or seeking the next outdoor adventure.




David Scott McDougall

Digital Video Producer
David directs, films, and edits digital video at Reinvent. For the past ten years, David has helped create videos for international non-profits and top non-fiction brands like National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, PBS, and many more. As a television writer/producer, David has interviewed diverse subjects from preeminent scientists to dangerous felons. As a director, David has experience leading 3 camera shoots, filming commercials, and directing sets with 20+ crew. David is motivated by social justice issues because he believes that the only real solutions to the problems our world faces have to begin with changing the geography of the human heart.