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Shifting Hollywood’s Focus from Regurgitation to Originality

As new technologies push the limits of what’s possible in film and audiences increasingly seek out greater engagement with the art and entertainment they consume, Hollywood needs to adapt to the rapidly changing times in order to keep up.

“Hollywood’s art form and business model are based on antiquated beliefs that no longer apply to the times that we’re living in,” said Ted Hope, the head of motion picture production at Amazon and former CEO of Fandor. “They’re not based on what people want, how they want to consume it, or what the artist actually needs first and foremost.”

Movies are often made for the mass market, rather than for the fractured audiences of contemporary society, many of which are¬†dissatisfied with what Hope refers to as a¬†“culture of repeats and regurgitations instead of originality.”

Hollywood needs to innovate in order to outpace the innovation delivered by the “pirates” who rip content to meet the demand for immediacy and digitalization.

It’s time, said Hope, to “build a system based on the realities of today instead of the habits of yesterday.”