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A conversation about the many fields exploding in innovation across the region

What’s Now: San Francisco is an event series that consistently features a remarkable person helping reinvent an important field that’s exploding in innovation in the Bay Area right now. These world class thought leaders often present or are interviewed about their latest work before holding a conversation with an invite-only crowd of innovators and intellectuals from many different fields who are doing interesting work in their own right. The entire 90-minute conversation is captured in high-quality video and livestreamed so that the exclusive physical gathering can be viewed by sophisticated audiences interested in the latest thinking about what’s coming in the near future and how we could more fundamentally reinvent our world.

This series, produced by Reinvent in partnership with Capgemini, has been running for more than three years and proved so successful that we now have expanded to New York. The events are free but space in Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange is limited. If you are interested in getting an invite, tell us more about yourself by emailing


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  • Scheduled: November 14, 2019 5:30 PM PST

    A Path to Humane Technology – with Tristan Harris

    Tristan Harris believes that many technology companies have gone too far. They are tapping into base desires and fears hardwired into our primitive animal brains to keep people hooked on social media. The result is what he calls “human downgrading” which is leading to a wide range of social ills, from depression to political polarization. Harris is a world expert on how technology steers us all, the former Design Ethicist at Google who left to co-found the Center for Humane Technology, and he’ll be our next featured guest at What’s Now: San Francisco.

    Participants: Tristan Harris

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