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A monthly conversation at the Applied Innovation Exchange

What’s Now: San Francisco is a monthly conversation stimulated by a local thought leader about the most important innovations emerging in the San Francisco Bay Area right now. Once a month, Reinvent and Capgemini will gather a diverse group of innovators at the new Applied Innovation Exchange in SOMA for an evening of discussion and networking, along with good food and drinks.

Each month we’ll feature a remarkable person who deeply understands one of the many areas exploding with innovation—someone who can explain the big story, what’s most important now, and what’s coming next. Over the course of a year we will explore a range of sectors – from AI to biotech to clean energy to food – that make San Francisco ground zero for breakthroughs that soon will impact the rest of the world.

Something special is happening in the region right now, with so many systems from the past being fundamentally reinvented for the digital, global, sustainable 21st-century world to come. What’s Now: San Francisco will provide a provocative program and a consistent place to cross-connect networks and exchange new insights about what’s emerging around us right now.


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