What’s Now: New York is an event series that each month features a remarkable person helping reinvent an important field that’s exploding in innovation in the New York region right now. Our speakers explain the key developments in their field that people outside the field should know about, developments which could help solve the major challenges of our time. They use the opportunity to talk about their current work, their latest thinking, the questions they are wrestling with at the moment.

The series is an expansion of the highly successful What’s Now: San Francisco series, produced by the media company Reinvent in partnership with Capgemini, the global technology consulting firm. That series has featured many top-tier innovators and intellectuals rooted in Silicon Valley who are trying to more fundamentally reinvent systems to deal with the mounting challenges in our 21st-century world. We are looking for comparable innovators in the New York region to start analogous conversations at Capgemini’s new Applied Innovation Exchange near Union Square in Manhattan.

Each month, our featured speaker addresses an invite-only crowd of innovators and intellectuals who are doing interesting work in their own right, including people our featured guest would like to engage. Some are from the field under discussion, but many come from other industries, professions and fields. Our featured guest starts the evening by laying out his or her ideas either in a presentation, or through an initial interview with the event’s host. This is followed by a deep, complex conversation with the members of the audience, who build on the ideas, challenge the concepts, or raise questions.

The entire 90-minute conversation is captured in high-quality video so that the exclusive physical gathering can be viewed by sophisticated audiences interested in the latest thinking from leading thought leaders. The best ideas to emerge are later developed into short videos and posts that can reach wider audiences through social media.

The entire series cross-connects leading innovators from diverse fields and builds a network of networks over time. A key filter for selecting the featured speakers and invited guests is whether they are interested in fundamental innovation, or what we call reinvention, and are looking for big, bold, positive ways forward to help solve the many challenges of our time. Those who attend enjoy good food, drinks and networking before the program and after, and many return as regulars.

The events are free but space in Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange is limited. If you are interested in getting an invite, tell us more about yourself by emailing contact@reinvent.net. If you don’t live in New York, but know people in the area who you think might be interested in this series, you can use this form to provide their contact info.


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