This coronavirus crisis is not a drill. We are facing the biggest challenge in our lifetimes. This is opening up huge opportunities for how we could reinvent our world. This time may mark the start of a transformation of historical importance if we rise to the occasion, or mark a period of profound tragedy if we don’t. All of us – countries, companies, organizations and individuals – are beginning the most extraordinary story of our collective lives.

Now is the time to seek out the smartest, most innovative, most knowledgeable people on the planet to help figure out the new way forward. Around Reinvent we call them the A Team, the Advance Team, those who have a track record of being able to see what’s coming, and come up with big ideas and bold strategies about what should be done. We’ve spent years videoing hundreds of deep conversations with these kinds of innovators and built a remarkable network over time.

The New Way Forward series of conversations engages this A Team of thought leaders who are figuring out how to solve the immediate coronavirus crisis and how to rebuild the world that will come out of it. We can design much better systems to meet the new challenges of the 21st century. Organizations and individuals can adopt better strategies to adapt in the near-term and thrive in the years ahead. These conversations explore and explain that new way forward.

Recent Conversations

  • Completed: April 9, 2020 PST

    One Plan that Can Solve Both the Pandemic & Climate Emergency at the Same Time

    Almost overnight America has gone from a booming economy and full employment to an economy in free-fall and mass unemployment that soon will reach levels last seen at the height of The Great Depression. We are now in the midst of a pandemic emergency that may take trillions of dollars to solve. But the country is still in the midst of a slower moving but potentially more destructive climate emergency that also must be solved. Saul Griffith thinks now is the time to kill two birds with one stone with the ultimate infrastructure bill.

    Participants: Saul Griffith
  • Completed: April 7, 2020 PST

    Our Moment of Radical Uncertainty and the Extreme Scenarios We Now Face

    The coronavirus crisis arguably has thrown the world into a moment of profound uncertainty last seen in 1941 and the early years of World War II. This is the perfect time to use the proven tool of scenario planning in order to better understand the possible scenarios that lie ahead. And so we had a deep conversation with Peter Schwartz, an internationally renowned scenario planner who is the Chief Futures Officer and Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning at Salesforce. He led a team of people inside and outside Salesforce to quickly develop scenarios as the coronavirus crisis mushroomed.

    Participants: Peter Schwartz