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San Francisco As Ground Zero: The Epicenter of America’s Reinvention

In a keynote speech at the Commonwealth Club of California, Reinvent Founder Peter Leyden made his case for San Francisco as the epicenter of 21st-century reinvention.

“I think, with time, we’re going to see these as the early days of essentially the building of a new kind of civilization, a 21st-century civilization,” Leyden said. The world is becoming more digital, more global, and more sustainable, and many of those shifts originated, or are propelled by, innovations coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We are going through some pretty extraordinary transformations in the world right now,” Leyden said. “We’ve seen these kinds of transformations occasionally throughout American history and occasionally throughout world history. They essentially prompt a breakdown of the existing systems around them and force a reinvention.”

In this talk, Leyden outlines the challenges our society faces and reviews the recent innovations in economics, technology, and politics that set our era apart.