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How Can We Leverage Technology to Remake America for the Better?

Remarkable things can happen when thought leaders gather to challenge the status quo and help shape public debate. We gathered innovators from the highest levels of government, top news outlets, and leading universities to discuss how to improve America through technology.

We posed tough questions to our roundtable participants: How can we most effectively utilize digital technology to educate our students, from kindergartners through undergraduates? Are we letting technology’s potential to improve politics and democracy go unrealized?

“All of the rules that we now have at the Federal Election Commission are going to have to change,” said Ann Ravel, Vice Chair of the FEC. “I really do believe that tech will improve democracy. I think it’s actually nice to see the tech industry care about these issues of democracy.”

In one of our roundtables, participants explored a possible outcome of the Net Neutrality debate that has since become reality. In another, best-selling author Michael Pollan called for a national food policy and helped spark a nascent movement. Our participants looked at technology’s impact on the economy, and discussed the place of artificial intelligence in the workforce. We talked about helping returning veterans better integrate into the economy.

Thanks to the expertise and passion of our participants, our conversations pushed boundaries and sparked conversations that are only just beginning.