WNSF: Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Transportation

Sunil Paul took his first ride in an autonomous vehicle (AV) in 2009—at least a decade before most of will have the opportunity. That ride inspired to think about the future of transportation. Just two years later, in 2011, Sunil co-founded Sidecar, where he also served as CEO. Sidecar invented the modern ride-sharing model, operated in ten U.S. cities and gave millions of rides before selling the company assets to GM in 2016.

Now an unencumbered thought leader in the transportation space, Sunil has devoted his time to thinking about the future of AVs and transportation in general. The questions Sunil has been wrestling with recently include:

Will autonomous vehicles make cities safer … or less safe?
Will they help reduce greenhouse gases … or create more?
Will the auto industry sell fewer cars … or more?

He had some preliminary answers to these questions—a few of which are counterintuitive, and may surprise you—but was eager to drive a conversation with others who are knowledgeable in the space. During this enlightening and provocative evening, Sunil offered an engaging look into the future of transportation.