Future or Sharing: Home-Sharing as a Means of Sustainable and Personalized Tourism

Francesco Rutelli, former Mayor of Rome and a member of Airbnb’s Mayoral Advisory Board, wants tourists visiting Italy to take full advantage of the wealth of culture that Italy has to offer. Rutelli believes that Airbnb is part of the answer to the question of how to provide tourists with personalized experiences. Rutelli also views home-sharing as a more sustainable alternative to mass tourism.

Rutelli believes that cities, like languages, need to change in order to survive. He recommends a city-by-city approach to the sharing economy, as every city faces slightly different problems, with some basic shared regulations. “Of course we have to help people be compliant with taxation,” Rutelli said, but he believes that regulation should be as simple and clear-cut as possible. “We should support this very promising industry, this promising experience for ordinary people.”