Future of Work: The Search for Stability in an Unstable Economic Landscape

Roy Bahat, Head of Bloomberg Beta, may spend his days “slinging money around,” as he phrases it, discovering and investing in hot new artificial intelligence (AI) startups, but he devotes much of his free time helping to imagine and plan for the future of work. These aren’t unrelated pursuits—Bahat says that AI gives him the feeling that the future is coming towards us more and more rapidly in a way he hasn’t experienced in other tech trends. Bahat defines AI as “a class of techniques that allow you to predict, using software,” and has strong convictions about the imminent ubiquity of AI. Very soon, anything that has a chip in it is going to have some ability to predict, says Bahat. He sees a false dichotomy in the argument about whether AI will augment humans or replace them. Anything that complements us replaces some things we do, Bahat argues.