• Paul Hawken

    Executive Director of Project Drawdown

    Paul Hawken is a world-renowned environmentalist and the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a nonprofit focused on finding and distributing information about the most impactful solutions to climate change. Hawken writes about the impact of commerce on living systems and consults with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy….

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  • unnamed-7

    Albert Cañigueral

    Founder of Consumo Colaborativo

  • unnamed-3

    Paul Hawken

    Executive Director of Project Drawdown

  • johndellavolpe

    John Della Volpe

    Director of Polling at Harvard’s Institute of Politics and Founder and CEO of SocialSphere

  • ruy_teixeira_3

    Ruy Teixeira

    Author of ''The Optimistic Leftist: Why the 21st Century Will Be Better Than You Think''

  • becky_bond

    Becky Bond

    Former Senior Advisor, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and co-author "Rules for Revolutionaries"

  • sunil_paul

    Sunil Paul

    Co-Founder of Sidecar

  • gary-shapiro2

    Gary Shapiro

    President & CEO of the Consumer Technology Association

  • april-rinne

    April Rinne

    Sharing Economy Advisor, Advocate, Pioneer & Investor

  • gavin-newsom2

    Gavin Newsom

    Lieutenant Governor of California

  • nick-pinkston

    Nick Pinkston

    Founder & CEO of Plethora

  • arun-sundararajan

    Arun Sundararajan

    Author of The Sharing Economy & Professor at New York University's Stern School of Business

  • Annise-Parker

    Annise Parker

    Former Mayor of Houston

  • Francesco-Rutelli

    Francesco Rutelli

    President of the European Democratic Party

  • Yochai-Benkler

    Yochai Benkler

    Berkman Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard Law School

  • Laura-Murphy

    Laura Murphy

    Former Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office

  • Stephen-Yarwood

    Stephen Yarwood

    Urban Futurist at city2050 & Former Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide, Australia