Innovator Spotlight

  • Eli Pariser

    CEO & Co-Founder of Upworthy

    Eli Pariser is the President of Good Media Group. He has dedicated his career to figuring out how technology can elevate important topics in the world — as an author, an online organizer, and most recently, as a co-founder of Upworthy. Eli served as the executive director of from 2004-2009, growing membership to more…

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  • E. David Ellington

    Founder & Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

  • Eric Ries

    Founder and CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange

  • Alex Tapscott

    Author, Blockchain expert

  • Marco Zappacosta

    Co-Founder and CEO, Thumbtack

  • Chris Hughes

    Co-Chair, Economic Security Project

  • Ed Lu

    Executive Director, B612 Asteroid Institute

  • Unity Stoakes

    President and Co-Founder, Startup Health

  • Jonny Dyer

    GEO Hardware Lead, Google

  • Niels Nielsen

    Managing Director, World Refugee School

  • Stuart Feldman

    Chief Scientist of Schmidt Futures

  • Lenny Mendonca

    Chair of the Board of Directors, New America

  • Andreas Schleicher

    Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at OECD

  • Lee Rainie

    Director of Internet and Technology research at the Pew Research Center

  • Laura Tyson

    Professor of the Graduate School and Faculty Director of the Institute for Business & Social Impact at the Berkeley Haas School of Business

  • Susan Lund

    Partner of McKinsey & Company

  • Nicolette van Exel

    Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Intuit