• Ken Goldberg

    Professor, UC Berkeley

    Award winning Roboticist, Filmmaker, and William S. Floyd Distinguished Chair of Engineering at UC Berkeley Ken Goldberg is a popular public speaker who combines compelling images and videos in dynamic presentations on emerging AI and Robotics technologies, sharing insights about what isn’t new, what is new, and how we can prepare for the future.

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  • kim-polese

    Kim Polese

    Prominent Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Business Leader

  • howard-rheingold

    Howard Rheingold

    Technology visionary, author & teacher

  • Rebecca-Chopp

    Rebecca Chopp

    First Female Chancellor of University of Denver

  • Martha-Kanter

    Martha Kanter

    Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education at NYU & former U.S. Under Secretary of Education

  • kevin-kelly

    Kevin Kelly

    Senior Maverick at WIRED Magazine

  • George-Dyson

    George Dyson

    Author & Historian of Technology

  • ted-hope

    Ted Hope

    Head Of Motion Picture Production at Amazon Studios & former CEO of Fandor

  • Hadi-Partovi

    Hadi Partovi

    Co-Founder of

  • robin-sloan

    Robin Sloan

    Technologist & Bestselling Author

  • brad-delong

    Brad DeLong

    Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley

  • Tiffany-Shlain

    Tiffany Shlain

    Filmmaker & Founder of The Webby Awards

  • Vivienne-Ming

    Vivienne Ming

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Socos LLC

  • Soraya-Darabi

    Soraya Darabi

    Co-Founder of Zady

  • robin-chase

    Robin Chase

    Co-Founder of Zipcar & Founder of Buzzcar

  • Jeremiah-Owyang

    Jeremiah Owyang

    Founder of Crowd Companies

  • Casey+Fenton+DLD+Conference+2012+Day+2+xikMN-Tc8ptl

    Casey Fenton

    Co-Founder of Couchsurfing & Founder of Sovolve

  • Natalie-Foster

    Natalie Foster

    Research Affiliate at the Future of Work Initiative at The Aspen Institute

  • Laura-Murphy

    Laura Murphy

    Former Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office

  • Jane-McGonigal

    Jane McGonigal

    World-Renowned Game Designer & Bestselling Author

  • Yochai-Benkler

    Yochai Benkler

    Berkman Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard Law School

  • arun-sundararajan

    Arun Sundararajan

    Author of The Sharing Economy & Professor at New York University's Stern School of Business

  • nick-pinkston

    Nick Pinkston

    Founder & CEO of Plethora

  • april

    April Rinne

    New Economy Advisor, Investor & Pathfinder

  • sunil_paul

    Sunil Paul

    Co-Founder of Sidecar

  • Joe-Trippi

    Joe Trippi

    Political Strategist, Media Consultant & FOX News Contributor

  • becky_bond

    Becky Bond

    Former Senior Advisor, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and co-author "Rules for Revolutionaries"

  • ruy_teixeira_3

    Ruy Teixeira

    Author of ''The Optimistic Leftist: Why the 21st Century Will Be Better Than You Think''

  • Jen-Pahlka

    Jen Pahlka

    Founder & Executive Director of Code for America

  • tim

    Tim O’Reilly

    Founder of O'Reilly Media & Host of Next:Economy Conference

  • johnson

    Steven Johnson

    Bestselling author & host of the PBS series "How We Got to Now"

  • unnamed-7

    Albert Cañigueral

    OuiShare Connector Spain & LATAM