• Ken Goldberg

    Professor, UC Berkeley

    Award winning Roboticist, Filmmaker, and William S. Floyd Distinguished Chair of Engineering at UC Berkeley Ken Goldberg is a popular public speaker who combines compelling images and videos in dynamic presentations on emerging AI and Robotics technologies, sharing insights about what isn’t new, what is new, and how we can prepare for the future.

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  • Robert-Scheer

    Robert Scheer

    Editor-In-Chief of Truthdig & Professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication

  • johnson

    Steven Johnson

    Bestselling author & host of the PBS series "How We Got to Now"

  • Natalie-Foster

    Natalie Foster

    Research Affiliate at the Future of Work Initiative at The Aspen Institute

  • brewster-khale

    Brewster Kahle

    Founder of the Internet Archive

  • Jen-Pahlka

    Jen Pahlka

    Founder & Executive Director of Code for America

  • tim

    Tim O’Reilly

    Founder of O'Reilly Media & Host of Next:Economy Conference

  • sophie_raseman

    Sophie Raseman

    Director of Smart Disclosure at U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Consumer Policy

  • Matt-Cutts

    Matt Cutts

    Distinguished Engineer at Google

  • lawrence-lessig

    Lawrence Lessig

    Academic, Lawyer & Political Activist

  • june-cohen-2

    June Cohen

    Executive Producer of TED Media

  • Ben-Rattray

    Ben Rattray

    Founder & CEO of

  • Bram-Cohen

    Bram Cohen

    Creator of BitTorrent

  • anna-galland

    Anna Galland

    Executive Director of

  • Brad-Burnham

    Brad Burnham

    Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures

  • markos

    Markos Moulitsas

    Founder & Publisher of Daily Kos

  • larry-irving

    Larry Irving

    President & CEO of the Irving Group

  • Douglas-Rushkoff

    Douglas Rushkoff

    Author, Teacher & Documentarian

  • Luis-Ubinas

    Luis Ubiñas

    Former President of Ford Foundation

  • jose-vargas

    Jose Antonio Vargas

    Journalist, Filmmaker & Immigration Activist

  • Mariana-Mazzucato

    Mariana Mazzucato

    Author & Economics of Innovation Professor at University of Sussex

  • Aneesh-Chopra

    Aneesh Chopra

    The first U.S. CTO & Co-Founder of Hunch Analytics

  • clay-shirky

    Clay Shirky

    Author & NYU Associate Professor

  • Craig-Newmark

    Craig Newmark

    Founder of craigslist & Nerd-in-Residence at the VA Center for Innovation

  • Clay-Johnson

    Clay Johnson

    CEO of the Department of Better Technology

  • Joe-Trippi

    Joe Trippi

    Political Strategist, Media Consultant & FOX News Contributor

  • Ann-Ravel

    Ann Ravel

    Vice Chair of the Federal Election Commission

  • Michael-Pollan2

    Michael Pollan

    Bestselling author & lecturer on food, agriculture, health & the environment

  • Ali-Partovi

    Ali Partovi

    Investor in Dropbox & Co-Founder of LinkExchange &

  • peter-schwartz

    Peter Schwartz

    Renowned futurist & Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning at

  • Stephen-Kinzer

    Stephen Kinzer

    Author & Veteran New York Times Correspondent

  • Joe-Cirincione

    Joseph Cirincione

    President of Ploughshares Fund

  • robert-johnson

    Robert Johnson

    President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking

  • brad-delong

    Brad DeLong

    Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley

  • Linda-Bilmes

    Linda Bilmes

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

  • Steve-Clemons

    Steve Clemons

    Washington Editor-at-Large for The Atlantic, National Journal & Quartz

  • Mark-Danner

    Mark Danner

    Author, Journalist & Professor on Foreign Affairs

  • Eli-Pariser

    Eli Pariser

    CEO & Co-Founder of Upworthy

  • Katrina-vanden-Heuvel

    Katrina vanden Heuvel

    Editor & Publisher of The Nation

  • James-Fallows

    James Fallows

    National Correspondent at The Atlantic

  • Michelle_Miller

    Michelle Miller

    Co-Founder & Co-Director of

  • nick-hanauer

    Nick Hanauer

    Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Michael-Nutter

    Michael Nutter

    Former Mayor of Philadelphia

  • Palak-Shah

    Palak Shah

    Social Innovations Director at National Domestic Workers Alliance

  • Andy-Stern

    Andy Stern

    Author of "Raising the Floor"

  • Laura-Murphy

    Laura Murphy

    Former Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office

  • Annise-Parker

    Annise Parker

    Former Mayor of Houston

  • becky_bond

    Becky Bond

    Former Senior Advisor, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and co-author "Rules for Revolutionaries"

  • ruy_teixeira_3

    Ruy Teixeira

    Author of ''The Optimistic Leftist: Why the 21st Century Will Be Better Than You Think''

  • johndellavolpe

    John Della Volpe

    Director of Polling at Harvard’s Institute of Politics and Founder and CEO of SocialSphere