• Vivienne Ming

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Socos LLC

    Named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine, Dr. Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and author. She co-founded Socos, her fourth company, where she combines machine learning, cognitive neuroscience, and economics to maximize life outcomes in education and the workplace. Previously, Vivienne was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s…

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  • Gene-Wade

    Gene Wade

    Co-Founder & CEO of One University Network, Inc.

  • harriet-wakelam

    Harriet Wakelam

    General Manager of Experience Design at Medibank

  • Ariel-Waldman

    Ariel Waldman

    Global Instigator of Science Hack Day & Founder of

  • Ari-Wallach

    Ari Wallach

    Founder & CEO of Synthesis Corp.

  • Jim-Walsh

    Jim Walsh

    Research Associate in the Security Studies Program at MIT

  • Stephen-Walt

    Stephen Walt

    Robert & Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School

  • Anne-Washington

    Anne Washington

    Assistant Professor at George Mason University

  • Sharon-Waxman

    Sharon Waxman

    CEO & Editor-in-Chief of TheWrap

  • Andy-Weber

    Andrew Weber

    Former Assistant Secretary of Defense & former Director of the Nuclear Weapons Council

  • Lance-Weiler

    Lance Weiler

    Writer, Director & Experience Designer

  • Bret_weinstein2

    Bret Weinstein

    Evolutionary Theorist & Professor at The Evergreen State College

  • Kate-Welsh

    Kate Welsh

    Program Manager: Education & Philanthropy at TED Conferences

  • Adam-werbachc

    Adam Werbach

    Co-Founder of yerdle

  • Tyler-Wigg-Stevenson

    Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

    Chair of the Global Task Force on Nuclear Weapons at the World Evangelical Alliance

  • Claudia-Williams

    Claudia Williams

    Senior Advisor for Health Technology & Innovation at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy

  • david-witzel

    David Witzel

    Chief of Conspiration at Hummingbird Labs