• Paul Hawken

    Executive Director of Project Drawdown

    Paul Hawken is a world-renowned environmentalist and the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a nonprofit focused on finding and distributing information about the most impactful solutions to climate change. Hawken writes about the impact of commerce on living systems and consults with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy….

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  • Gene-Wade

    Gene Wade

    Co-Founder & CEO of One University Network, Inc.

  • harriet-wakelam

    Harriet Wakelam

    General Manager of Experience Design at Medibank

  • Ariel-Waldman

    Ariel Waldman

    Global Instigator of Science Hack Day & Founder of

  • Ari-Wallach

    Ari Wallach

    Founder & CEO of Synthesis Corp.

  • Jim-Walsh

    Jim Walsh

    Research Associate in the Security Studies Program at MIT

  • Stephen-Walt

    Stephen Walt

    Robert & Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School

  • Anne-Washington

    Anne Washington

    Assistant Professor at George Mason University

  • Sharon-Waxman

    Sharon Waxman

    CEO & Editor-in-Chief of TheWrap

  • Andy-Weber

    Andrew Weber

    Former Assistant Secretary of Defense & former Director of the Nuclear Weapons Council

  • Lance-Weiler

    Lance Weiler

    Writer, Director & Experience Designer

  • Bret_weinstein2

    Bret Weinstein

    Evolutionary Theorist & Professor at The Evergreen State College

  • Kate-Welsh

    Kate Welsh

    Program Manager: Education & Philanthropy at TED Conferences

  • Adam-werbachc

    Adam Werbach

    Co-Founder of yerdle

  • Tyler-Wigg-Stevenson

    Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

    Chair of the Global Task Force on Nuclear Weapons at the World Evangelical Alliance

  • Claudia-Williams

    Claudia Williams

    Senior Advisor for Health Technology & Innovation at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy

  • david-witzel

    David Witzel

    Chief of Conspiration at Hummingbird Labs