• Andrew Hessel

    Distinguished Research Scientist, Autodesk Life Sciences

    Andrew Hessel is a futurist, connector, and catalyst in biological technologies, helping industry, academics, and authorities better understand the rapid changes happening in life science. He works with a diverse team at Autodesk creating software tools for designing living and molecular systems. To demonstrate the capabilities of these tools, he is the founder and CEO…

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  • Edward-Maloney

    Edward Maloney

    Executive Director of The Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship at Georgetown University

  • ben_mangan

    Ben Mangan

    CEO of EARN, Professor at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business & Blogger

  • Sarah-Margon

    Sarah Margon

    Washington Director at Human Rights Watch

  • John-Markoff

    John Markoff

    Technology & Science Reporter for The New York Times

  • Morgan-Matthews

    Morgan Matthews

    Program Manager & Strategist at N Square

  • Robert-May2

    Robert May

    VC, Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

  • Mariana-Mazzucato

    Mariana Mazzucato

    Author & Economics of Innovation Professor at University of Sussex

  • Mike-McGarr

    Mike McGarr

    Engineering Manager for the Build Tools team at Netflix

  • Mike-McGeary

    Mike McGeary

    Co-Founder & Director of Engine Advocacy

  • Jane-McGonigal

    Jane McGonigal

    World-Renowned Game Designer & Bestselling Author

  • Susan-McGregor

    Susan McGregor

    Assistant Professor at Columbia Journalism School

  • Chris-McKay

    Chris McKay

    Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center

  • Betsy-McKay

    Betsy McKay

    Senior Writer, Global Health at The Wall Street Journal

  • Bill-McKibben

    Bill McKibben

    Founder of

  • Tia-McNair

    Tia McNair

    Senior Director for Student Success at the Association of American Colleges & Universities

  • Michael-McPherson

    Michael McPherson

    President of the Spencer Foundation