• Paul Hawken

    Executive Director of Project Drawdown

    Paul Hawken is a world-renowned environmentalist and the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a nonprofit focused on finding and distributing information about the most impactful solutions to climate change. Hawken writes about the impact of commerce on living systems and consults with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy….

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  • brewster-khale

    Brewster Kahle

    Founder of the Internet Archive

  • JoEllen-Kaiser

    Jo Kaiser

    Executive Director, The Media Consortium

  • Martha-Kanter

    Martha Kanter

    Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education at NYU & former U.S. Under Secretary of Education

  • chris-kelly-1

    Chris Kelly

    CEO of Organizer & former Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook

  • kevin-kelly

    Kevin Kelly

    Senior Maverick at WIRED Magazine

  • Jim-Keravala-2

    Jim Keravala

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Shackleton Energy Company

  • Derek-Khanna

    Derek Khanna

    Intellectual Property Litigation Associate at Fenwick & West

  • Eugene-Kim

    Eugene Kim

    Founder of Changemaker Bootcamp

  • Brett-King

    Brett King

    Author, speaker, disruptor & Founder/CEO of Moven

  • Stephen-Kinzer

    Stephen Kinzer

    Author & Veteran New York Times Correspondent

  • Michael-Kleeman

    Michael Kleeman

    Senior Fellow at the University of California, San Diego

  • Rachel-Kleinfeld

    Rachel Kleinfeld

    Senior Associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Austin-Kleon

    Austin Kleon

    Writer & Artist

  • ben-knight

    Ben Knight

    Co-Founder of

  • Charles-Knight

    Charles Knight

    Senior Fellow at Center for International Policy & Co-Founder of Project on Defense Alternatives

  • tim-kobe

    Tim Kobe

    CEO & Founder of Eight Inc.