• Andrew Hessel

    Distinguished Research Scientist, Autodesk Life Sciences

    Andrew Hessel is a futurist, connector, and catalyst in biological technologies, helping industry, academics, and authorities better understand the rapid changes happening in life science. He works with a diverse team at Autodesk creating software tools for designing living and molecular systems. To demonstrate the capabilities of these tools, he is the founder and CEO…

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  • Raymond-Jeanloz

    Raymond Jeanloz

    Professor of Earth & Planetary Science & Astronomy at UC Berkeley

  • Mitchell-Joachim

    Mitchell Joachim

    Founding Co-President of Terreform ONE & Associate Professor at NYU

  • Michael-John

    Michael John

    Game Director at GlassLab

  • johnson

    Steven Johnson

    Bestselling author & host of the PBS series "How We Got to Now"

  • Clay-Johnson

    Clay Johnson

    CEO of the Department of Better Technology

  • robert-johnson

    Robert Johnson

    President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking

  • Reese-Jones

    Reese Jones

    Associate Founder at Singularity University & Venture Strategist