• Paul Hawken

    Executive Director of Project Drawdown

    Paul Hawken is a world-renowned environmentalist and the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a nonprofit focused on finding and distributing information about the most impactful solutions to climate change. Hawken writes about the impact of commerce on living systems and consults with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy….

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  • James-Fallows

    James Fallows

    National Correspondent at The Atlantic

  • Farshad-Farahat

    Farshad Farahat

    Actor & Member of the National Iranian American Council

  • Erica-Fein

    Erica Fein

    Nuclear Weapons Policy Director at WAND Education Fund

  • Peter-Felten

    Peter Felten

    Assistant Provost for Teaching & Learning at Elon University

  • Casey-Fenton

    Casey Fenton

    Co-Founder of Couchsurfing & Founder of Sovolve

  • Kirby-Ferguson

    Kirby Ferguson

    Filmmaker, Writer & Speaker

  • Christopher-Fettweis

    Christopher Fettweis

    Author of "The Pathologies of Power: Fear, Honor, Glory, and Hubris in U.S. Foreign Policy"

  • Beatrice-Fihn

    Beatrice Fihn

    Executive Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

  • Barbara-Finamore

    Barbara Finamore

    Senior Attorney & Asia Director at Natural Resources Defense Council

  • Brian-Finlay

    Brian Finlay

    Vice President of The Stimson Center

  • Bobby-Fishkin-1

    Bobby Fishkin

    CEO, President & Co-Founder of Reframeit Inc

  • Paul-Fleming

    Paul Fleming

    Manager of Climate Resiliency Group at Seattle Public Utilities

  • Dean-Florez

    Dean Florez

    President & CEO of The Twenty Million Minds Foundation & former CA State Senator

  • Noah-Flower

    Noah Rimland Flower

    Director of Knowledge Management at Monitor Deloitte

  • Natalie-Foster

    Natalie Foster

    Research Affiliate at the Future of Work Initiative at The Aspen Institute

  • Ewan-Foster

    Ewan Foster

    Student at Harvard College