• Ken Goldberg

    Professor, UC Berkeley

    Award winning Roboticist, Filmmaker, and William S. Floyd Distinguished Chair of Engineering at UC Berkeley Ken Goldberg is a popular public speaker who combines compelling images and videos in dynamic presentations on emerging AI and Robotics technologies, sharing insights about what isn’t new, what is new, and how we can prepare for the future.

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  • IMG_2220-1024x683

    Julian Agyeman

    Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University

  • Karim-Ahmad

    Karim Ahmad

    Senior Digital Content Strategist at ITVS

  • Tanja

    Tanja Aitamurto

    Deputy Director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford University

  • Susan-Albertine

    Susan Albertine

    Vice President at Association of American Colleges & Universities

  • Sylvain-Aldighieri

    Sylvain Aldighieri

    Unit Chief of International Health Regulations/Epidemic Alert & Response in the Department of Communicable Diseases at Pan American Health Organization

  • Cristobal-alex

    Cristóbal J. Alex

    President of Latino Victory Project & Latino Victory Foundation

  • Daniel-Alpert

    Daniel Alpert

    Founding Managing Partner of Westwood Capital, LLC

  • Marc-Ambinder

    Marc Ambinder

    Leadership Fellow at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism

  • Marvin-Ammori

    Marvin Ammori

    Lawyer, Activist & Thought Leader in Internet Law

  • Joy-Anderson

    Joy Anderson

    President & Founder of Criterion Institute

  • Chris-Anderson2

    Chris Anderson

    CEO of 3D Robotics and Former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Magazine

  • Ivan-Askwith

    Ivan Askwith

    Associate Producer of Veronica Mars (film)

  • David-Atkins

    David Atkins

    Writer at Washington Monthly & President of The Pollux Group

  • rob_atkinson

    Robert Atkinson

    Founder & President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)