• Wayne Radinsky

    Resident Futurist at Boulder Future Salon

    Wayne Radinsky co-founded the Boulder Future Salon in 2006 (with Melanie Swan and Amanda Hargis), and prior to that, was a future salon participant in the Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) Future Salon (run by Mark Finnern of SAP) since it’s founding in 2001. He started in “futurology” by accident in 1997 when he asked the question of why Moore’s Law happens — an easy question to ask, but hard question to answer. Since then, he has been an avid investigator into all science and technology that has the potential to transform the future — as well as any other ideas and methodologies for predicting possible future scenarios. Professionally, Radinsky is a software developer and is in the process of learning about machine learning techniques and working to make the transition from web developer to machine learning.


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