• Ting Kelly

    Co-founder of Metapattern

    Ting Kelly is an experience designer, ecosystem builder and brand strategist. She is also the co-founder of Metapattern. She specializes in emerging markets, global innovation ecosystems, and human-centered design. She works with clients during transitional moments, bringing together the best global talent to meet the goal at hand. She has worked with leading-edge wearable tech startups, to Fortune 100 companies such as Nike, to high-growth startups like Airbnb.

    She is also the Founding Partner of the Emergent Collective, a decentralized network of top think tanks and talent networks working on the transition to a new paradigm of civilization. We produce immersive experiences and technology tools geared for leaders on the edges of art, culture and technology. Previously, she was co-founder of 2 startups, and served as Chief Growth Officer at SNP, a communication design firm for Fortune 100 executives.

    For the past 10 years, she has been a Fellow for the Long Now Foundation and Advisor to several high-growth startups, including blockchain technology startup CoMakery. She has given talks and interviews about emergent design, community building and the future of culture + technology. When not traveling, she loves hiking and painting in her art studio in Sausalito.

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