• Timothy Papandreou

    Founder of Emerging Transport Advisors

    Timothy has nearly two decades of global experience in moving people and things in both business and government. He has led teams, launched and scaled almost every mode of transport service and is considered a global expert and thought leader in the future of mobility and automation.

    He is the founder of Emerging Transport Advisors providing strategic guidance to clients to prepare for the active, shared, electric and automated disruptions to the transport system and broader society.

    As the former strategic partnerships manager at Google X and Waymo, he collaborated with cross-functional teams to prepare the commercialization and launch of the world’s first fully self-driving ride hailing service, while being fully immersed in the technologies.

    He co-founded City Innovate, a smart city platform matching governments and startups to accelerate innovation.

    As the Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco’s transportation agency, he lead cross-functional teams to deliver the US Smart City Challenge; Strategic Work Plan and its 50% sustainable mode share goal 3 years early; large redevelopment and multimodal projects; and launched the Mayor’s Vision Zero transportation safety and supported the first urban drone policy efforts.

    Timothy is always ahead of the curve. His unique abilities to see the signals and trends, join the dots and develop unique insights draw from his varied multi-modal experience and strong track record to lead teams, build win-win partnerships and deliver innovation.

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