• Theresa Preston-Werner

    Co-Founder & CEO at Codestarter

    At Codestarter, we believe that any kid, anywhere should have the opportunity to create something incredible. And it all starts with having their own computer. Theresa Preston-Werner is working with the core team, volunteers, donors, and partner coding organizations and schools to give laptops to kids who want to learn how to code, but can’t afford their own computers. Getting laptops into the hands and homes of underserved kids is a missing puzzle piece in the collaborative race to get more kids learning how to code. Together, we can provide the tools, the education, and the encouragement so that more girls, more people from different ethnic backgrounds, more kids from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and more kids from different geographic locations can envision themselves as the future of tech. Theresa never dreamed of running her own company, let alone a tech company. After more than a decade working with education-focused nonprofits and researching class, gender, and labor for her PhD, she realized that supporting world-wide access to technology education is one of the greatest ways to enable more people to confront a heterogeneity of problems important to them.


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