• Susan Moffat

    Project Director of UC Berkeley Global Urban Humanities Initiative

    Susan Moffat is an urban planner and writer who connects the dots between the local and the global and between humans and the rest of the natural world. She directs a program at UC Berkeley supported by the Mellon Foundation that investigates Pacific Rim megacities using the methods of both environmental design and the humanities. Susan is a change-maker as well as a thought leader in urban and environmental planning. She has built hundreds of units of affordable and special-needs housing, has implemented innovative policies on sea level rise, and helped pass local legislation supporting land conservation and livable cities. With a special interest in water and coastal issues, she has taught graduate students about climate change and Japanese high school students how to help rebuild their tsunami-stricken towns. Before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, Susan was a journalist based in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles with publications including Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times.

    College of Environmental Design – Global Urban Humanities

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