• Susan McGregor

    Assistant Professor at Columbia Journalism School

    Susan E. McGregor was the Senior Programmer on the News Graphics team at the Wall Street Journal Online for four years before leaving to join the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School as an Assistant Professor of Journalism in 2011. In her role at WSJ.com, she developed hundreds of interactive graphics and data applications, including comprehensive coverage of the 2008 elections and the platform for 2010’s award-winning series “What They Know.”

    An expert developer in multiple languages, Susan specializes in data journalism and information visualization. Her research interests include education, data standards and accessibility, and digital security and privacy issues. In June 2011 she and her team received a Brown Institute for Media Innovation “Magic Grant” award to develop Dispatch, a mobile app for authenticated, anonymous digital publishing. She speaks and writes regularly on topics relating to data, privacy and security in journalism. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Communication and Technology from NYU and a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Information Design from Harvard University.


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