• Sherry Smith

    Managing Director at Making Waves Foundation

    Sherry Smith is managing director of Making Waves Academy, a public charter school currently serving students in grades 5 -11, and the revised College and Alumni Program serving nearly 300 students enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the country. She is spearheading the continued efforts of reorganizing Making Waves from an after school and Saturday and Summer program to a public school charter model and college and alumni support programs. The school is now in its seventh year and serves nearly 700 students in the Hilltop community of Richmond.

    Sherry has worked at all levels of education from pre-kindergarten through graduate school. She has worked as an admission counselor, financial aid advisor, college counselor and director of operations. Smith began her professional career in education as an Admission Counselor at Santa Clara University. After three years, she attended graduate school at Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she earned a Master’s in Education in Administrative Planning and Social Policy. Smith returned to California in 1986 and served several schools in the role as college counselor or admission and financial aid director for the next 25 years.

    Smith first learned about Making Waves from a student attending the Branson School, where she was serving as Director of College Counseling. Smith helped design and implement the early college counseling program for Making Waves. She served on the MWEP Board for more than 12 years and now serves on the Making Waves Academy Board as well as leading the organization as Managing Director.


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