• Ruth Deakin Crick

    Reader in Systems Learning & Leadership at University of Bristol

    Ruth Deakin Crick is Reader in Systems Learning and Leadership at the University of Bristol where she works in the Graduate School of Education and the Systems Centre in the Faculty of Engineering. She is one of the originators of the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI), a learning analytic designed to measure and strengthen an individual’s learning dispositions, attitudes and values and provide a coaching framework for self-directed learning and teacher-led pedagogical change. This has been used in research and practice in education on four continents in the last 15 years, generating substantial learning outcomes in the assessment of 21C qualities, pedagogical culture change, and impact. Her research now focuses on processes of learning, adaptation and feedback in complex social systems. She is Co-Investigator in the International Centre for Infrastructure Futures that brings together stakeholders involved in renewing the UK’s infrastructure. The Centre is developing a principled and generic learning journey framework for creating innovative, performance based business models with learning at the hub of stakeholder driven, networked improvement communities. She has contributed to the creation of a new field of enquiry: dispositional analytics and she co-directs the Learning Emergence network. Her most recent publication is Learning To Learn: International Perspectives From Theory And Practice published by Routledge (http://goo.gl/5mNuVb).


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