• Robert Scheer

    Editor-In-Chief of Truthdig & Professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication

    Robert Scheer is a social and political writer with more than 30 years of journalism experience. Early in his career, he was Vietnam correspondent, managing editor and editor-in-chief of Ramparts magazine. Later, as a reporter for Playboy, he conducted the famous magazine interview in which Jimmy Carter confessed to the lust in his heart. As a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Scheer went on to do interviews with Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and many other prominent political and cultural figures.

    Scheer is now the editor-in-chief for the online magazine Truthdig and professor at USC Annenberg School for Communications. Scheer can be heard on his new podcast “Scheer Intelligence” and the radio program “Left, Right and Center” on KCRW, the National Public Radio affiliate in Santa Monica, Calif. Scheer has written 10 books, including his latest, They Know Everything About You: How Data Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies are Destroying Democracy (Nation Books, February 2015).


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