• Robert Cruickshank

    Senior Campaign Manager at Democracy for America

    Robert Cruickshank currently serves as senior campaign manager at Democracy for America. In 2004 he was active in the Howard Dean campaign while a graduate student in Seattle. In 2007 he moved to California and joined the Courage Campaign as Public Policy Director, organizing Californians around a progressive agenda to fix the state’s numerous budget and governance problems and helping build coalitions to win ballot initiative campaigns. In 2011 he and his wife returned to Seattle where he began working as a Senior Communications Advisor to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, a position he held until the mayor’s term of office ended in December 2013.

    Robert has been a longtime member of the Netroots, and has held several positions within the Democratic Party, including vice-chair of the Monterey County Democrats and a member of the California Democratic Party executive board. He’s still active in local politics in Seattle, particularly around transit issues, and continues to advise local elected officials and candidates on communications and political strategy.

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