• Rich Tafel

    Founder/President of Public Squared & Founding Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans

    Public Squared aims to bring together diverse sectors and ideologies into win-win-win coalitions to bring sustainable change. Rich also leads RLT Strategies, an advocacy company for social change organizations, and serves as a founder of ConsejoSano, a health tech company delivering healthy advice to U.S. Spanish speakers. In addition, he is a founding owner of the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico.

    In 1993, Rich created Log Cabin Republicans and moved to Washington, DC to open a national office as its first Executive Director, where he implemented a values strategy for gay rights, creating 50 grassroots chapters, a PAC and foundation. In his 1999 book, Party Crasher: A Gay Republican Challenges Politics as Usual, Tafel articulated the first integral understanding of the gay politics, dividing it into three groups: liberationist (postmodern), assimilationist (modern) and libertarians (modern/traditional). As LCR leader, he appeared in most political media outlets. In a 1993 McNeil Lehrer interview, he made the case for a values based gay movement. In a 1998 segment on the Lehrer News Hour he called for Americans to “evolve” on gay rights, predicting major wins for the gay movement.

    A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Rich served as the Assistant to the Minister of Harvard’s Chapel from 1987-1991. Governor William Weld (R-MA) appointed Rich to serve as Adolescent Health Director for the state of Massachusetts in 1991. An ordained minister in the Swedenborgian Church, he is chairman of the board of Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. He was recently appointed as a representative to the National Council of Churches Interreligious Relations and Collaboration on Topics of Mutual Concern Convening Table and the intergenerational think tank.

    He is co-chair of Compass Partners, the nation’s first student run college based social entrepreneur training program now in 18 campuses. Rich writes frequently for Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Huffington Post on politics and, in March 2014, wrote “Shark Tank for Good: Michigan’s Innovative Strategy to End Poverty,” in Forbes magazine. In October 2013, he authored, “The Only Upside to the Shutdown, Realize We Need a New Political System” where he called for an evolved political system based on win-win-win thinking.


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