• Ricardo Salvador

    Director of the Food & Environment Program at Union of Concerned Scientists

    As the senior scientist and director of the Food & Environment Program at UCS, Ricardo Salvador works with citizens, scientists, economists, and politicians to transition our current food system into one that grows healthy foods while employing sustainable practices. Before coming to UCS, Dr. Salvador served as a program officer for Food, Health, and Wellbeing with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. In this capacity, he was responsible for conceptualizing and managing the Foundation’s food systems programming. He partnered with colleagues to create programs that addressed the connections between food and health, environment, economic development, sovereignty, and social justice. Dr. Salvador also worked as an extensionist with Texas A&M University.

    Prior to his stint at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, he was an associate professor of agronomy at Iowa State University (ISU). While at ISU, Dr. Salvador taught the first course in sustainable agriculture at a Land Grant University, which was distributed nationally via satellite beginning in 1989. He conducted some of the initial academic research on the “community supported agriculture” model of agriculture. He worked with students to establish ISU’s Student Operated Organic Farm in 1992. He worked with other faculty to develop the nation’s first Sustainable Agriculture graduate program in 2000; Dr. Salvador served as the program’s first chair. Dr. Salvador earned his undergraduate degree in agricultural science from New Mexico State University. He holds an M. S. and Ph. D. in crop production and physiology from Iowa State University.


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