• Phil Hill

    Co-Publisher of "e-Literate" & Co-Founder of MindWires Consulting

    Phil Hill (@PhilOnEdTech) is an educational technology consultant and analyst who has spent the last 12 years advising in online education and educational technology markets. As an independent consultant and analyst, Phil helps higher education institutions develop effective strategies to understand and implement online education programs. Phil’s clients have included Western Governors University, the University of Iowa, UCLA, California State University, DeVry University, Colorado Community College System, University of Maryland University College, Pearson, among others. Phil is the co-founder of MindWires Consulting, a strategic consulting company that helps higher education institutions, K-12 school districts, and the companies that support them to make necessary changes based on the new world of digital education. He is also co-publisher of the e-Literate blog.


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