• Peter Leyden

    Founder of Reinvent

    Peter Leyden is a blend of intellectual and entrepreneur who has spent his career working for innovative organizations trying to figure out the future and find better ways forward.

    He is the Founder of Reinvent, a company on a mission to help reinvent our world by driving conversations with leading innovators about how to solve the many challenges of our time. He is the host of What’s Now: San Francisco, an event series showcasing thought leaders from a wide range of fields throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, and he also hosts the sister series What’s Now: New York. 

    Leyden has worked for several innovative organizations that helped reinvent the fields of media, business and politics. He came to the San Francisco Bay Area 25 years ago to work at the early Wired magazine and he ended up running the magazine as managing editor. He worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank helping corporations and governments plan for the future. He was founding director of the New Politics Institute that helped those in Washington transition to politics on the Internet, a period that culminated in Obama’s groundbreaking 2008 campaign.  

    Leyden frequently gives keynote talks on new technologies and future trends to business and general audiences, working through Keppler Speakers. He is the coauthor of two books: The Long Boom and What’s Next. Leyden started his career as a journalist, working in several regions of America, as well as abroad as a special correspondent for Newsweek magazine in Asia.

    He has spent his entire life interviewing remarkable people about big ideas. 

    You can find more about his background on his website at peterleyden.com.

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