• Patrick McKenna

    Partner, HighRidge Global

    Patrick is a multi-time tech start up founder and active early-stage technology investor. Since arriving in Silicon Valley in January 2000, he has co-founded four companies including LiveOps which engaged over 20,000 US home-based customer service representatives, NexRep headquartered in Portland, Maine which engaged over 800 US home-based workers, Keniks which focused on offline to online marketing, and most recently Fabric Wealth based in Baltimore, Maryland which is innovating the wealth management industry.

    In 2009, Patrick founded HighRidge Global to invest and advise early stage companies. HighRidge focuses on finding Talent Everywhere and actively seeks to make half its investments in companies outside of Silicon Valley currently including Baltimore (MD), Portland (ME), Miami (FL) and Atlanta (GA).

    Previously, Patrick worked in M&A at Morgan Stanley and served four years as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He holds an MBA from Georgetown University and BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California.

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