• Nova Spivack

    CEO at Bottlenose

    Nova is presently CEO of Bottlenose, which uses big data mining to discover emerging trends for large brands and enterprises. He is a frequent speaker and blogger, and writes guest-articles for publications such as TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOM, and SiliconAngle. He has authored nearly 100 granted and pending patents in areas from search, to advertising, social media, mobile apps, the semantic web, augmented reality, interactive TV, and personalization. He also advises and/or invests in several startups including Klout, The Daily Dot, Next IT, Xperscore, StreamGlider, Live Matrix, Chronos Trading, PublishThis, Sensentia, Cambrian Genomics, and Energy Magnification Corporation.

    In 1994, Nova co-founded one of the first Web startups, EarthWeb, which led to a record-breaking IPO in 1998, and a second IPO of spinout, DICE.com, in 2007. He then worked with Stanford Research International (SRI) to co-found their startup incubator, nVention (which launched Siri), and participated in the DARPA CALO program one of the largest artificial intelligence projects in U.S. history (in which much of the original research that became Siri was developed). Following that, he co-founded Radar Networks, which produced Twine, one of the first consumer applications of the Semantic Web.

    He is chairman of The Earth Dashboard initiative, a non-profit initiative to build a shared online dashboard to visualize the real-time state of the planet. Nova also serves on the board of directors of the Common Crawl Foundation, a nonprofit, 5+ billion page, free and open search index of the Web. Nova earned his BA in Philosophy from Oberlin College in 1991, with a focus on the philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence. In 1992, he attended the International Space University, a NASA-funded graduate-level professional school for the space industry. He also participated in research at the MIT Computer Science lab.


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