• Noah Rimland Flower

    Director of Knowledge Management at Monitor Deloitte

    Over close to a decade of work at Monitor Deloitte, a part of Deloitte Consulting LLP, he has worked with leaders on issues ranging from education reform to climate change and volunteering. In his work with clients his toolkit blends consulting and research: he is part systems-change strategist, and part network architect, and part investigative reporter. And as Monitor Institute’s Director of Knowledge Management, he works closely with the team to mine its experience for new insights and better approaches. He is constantly inspired by the amount of creative energy he sees being poured into cracking open our shared challenges, and shares what he finds most compelling on the Monitor Institute social media streams.

    Before joining the Institute, Noah worked with Global Business Network and Monitor 360 to help governmental clients use scenario planning and systems thinking approaches to understand the changing global context. But his roots are as a coder who was building data-driven websites back when just having one was cutting-edge. He graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College in 2004, where he earned his degree in philosophy and won high honors for an undergraduate thesis on moral character. True to his Bay Area upbringing, Noah is constantly drawn to the challenge of feeding the world with food that is healthy, fair, and ecologically sound. He can often be found enjoying the woods on a mountain bike or snowboard, or carving city streets with a bamboo longboard. His favorite invention at the moment is the human-powered helicopter – because it shows that even impossible-sounding dreams can become possible when the right tools come along.