• Morgan Matthews

    Program Manager & Strategist at N Square

    Morgan Matthews is a Program Manager and Strategist at N Square, a fund set up to bring innovation to the nuclear security sector. She joined N Square because she believes that applying innovation techniques and frameworks to wicked problems, such as the problem of nuclear security, are key to the process of solving them. Morgan is a people-focused design strategist with expertise in social facilitation, strategic planning, and design thinking. She enjoys building community, connecting the dots in creative ways, and convening teams to collaboratively solve problems.

    Her background is varied and spans the career gamut from social innovation consulting and real estate to working in the media department of a professional baseball team. Morgan’s education includes a BA in International and Intercultural Communications and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. In her free time, Morgan can be found camping or climbing in the Sierra or running with her dog, Butters, in Golden Gate Park.