• Michael John

    Game Director at GlassLab

    After 25 successful years in commercial game development, Michael John has spent the past 2+ years dedicated to games for learning. He is responsible for all creative product development at GlassLab, leading a team of game designers and developers, technologists, researchers and learning and assessment experts to produce superlative outcomes. At the same time, he has been codifying the various knowledge and discoveries that 20+ years in a pioneering field bring, including creating a curriculum that he taught at USC’s game development school in 2013/2014. Game Design is the lens that Michael views many of the world’s issues through; he enjoys sharing this lens with others, and passing along his learnings about the intersection of technology and entertainment. He has consulted for Sony, 2K Games and others and is a regular speaker at conference and academic venues like GDC, DICE, USC, Carnegie Mellon, UC Santa Cruz and the University of Washington.


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