• Lena Moffitt

    Director of the Dirty Fuels Campaign at Sierra Club

    Lena Moffitt is the director of the Sierra Club’s Dirty Fuels campaign. In 2015, Lena took over responsibility for the Club’s supply-side efforts in moving beyond fossil fuels to a clean energy economy—keeping domestic supplies in the ground and out of our wild lands, communities, and foreign markets. This as a top priority for the Sierra Club and a key initiative of the Club’s Our Wild America program.

    Prior to directing the Dirty Fuels campaign, Lena worked as part of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil program. More recently, she led the National Wildlife Federation’s Climate and Energy Program and worked for the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Clean Energy Works campaign, and Voices for Progress. As a board member of the Club’s Washington, DC, Chapter, Lena chairs the chapter’s Energy Committee, where she helps to advance local clean energy efforts.

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