• Kim Polese

    Prominent Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Business Leader

    Kim Polese is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, innovator and business leader who rose to prominence by introducing Java to the world in the mid-1990s. Kim is currently the Chairman of ClearStreet, which aims to help individuals starting accumulating savings. Prior to ClearStreet, she was CEO of software company SpikeSource, Inc., which pioneered the industry’s first self-service automated app validation platform to help accelerate software and platform innovation through the validation of “any app on any platform” for the world’s App Stores. Prior to joining SpikeSource, Ms. Polese co-founded Marimba, Inc., which helped to usher in a new era of systems management software for the Internet age. Ms. Polese served as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Marimba, leading the company to profitability and a successful public offering prior to its acquisition by BMC Corporation in 2004. Kim has also been a leading voice in advocating public policy to increase America’s innovation capacity through her involvement in civic organizations. She is an Aspen Institute Crown Fellow and  serves on several boards, including the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the University Of California President’s Board on Science and Innovation, UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering, the Long Now Foundation, and the Global Security Institute. She recently co-authored a report called “Reinventing Public Higher Education” that proposes some potentially transformational changes to California’s systems.


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