• Kevin Casey

    Founder & CEO of New Avenue

    Kevin Casey is the CEO of New Avenue, a company that makes it easy for homeowners to remodel their home or build a new second unit. The company’s mission is to give every homeowner the opportunity to convert their single family property into shared multigenerational living, and thus, better serve the changing social, financial and emotional needs over the course of their lifetime. New Avenue’s research found that over 30% of homeowners want to build second unit but don’t know how to do so. The company’s innovative model for integrating technology, architecture, construction and finance into one simple process has made New Avenue the leader in this growing trend.

    Casey’s experience includes various roles in community development, technology, and finance. He obtained an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, researched economic and community development as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia and holds a B.A. in Economics and Anthropology from Fordham University. Early in his career he was a Vice President responsible for the design and project management of Oracle business intelligence systems for US Trust and Charles Schwab.

    The anthropologist in him believes that our homes and our communities should address our emotional and social needs and he founded New Avenue to offer an alternative to the broken financial and homebuilding industries that have lost touch with this mission (and that also happened to create the biggest financial crisis since the great depression). With a father who is an urban planner, a grandfather who was a modular builder, and having worked construction for an uncle during college, he learned enough to build his own home from scratch and that the greatest challenges in development are education, communication, and planning. He also grew up in a pre-fab Sears Catalog home built in 1908.


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