• Katherine Fulton

    Director with Deloitte Consulting LLP & President of Monitor Institute

    Billions of dollars are spent on philanthropy each year, but the way they are spent is changing rapidly. Katherine Fulton’s team at Monitor Group has been tracking these changes, and she has become an eloquent advocate for the “New Philanthropy,” surprising audiences with her insights on an underreported phenomenon of momentous significance. As president of Monitor Institute, she works with today’s most imaginative, entrepreneurial leaders (not just in philanthropy, but also in business and government) to pioneer breakthrough next practices in how complex social problems are framed, confronted, funded and ultimately solved. In her more than three decades as a change agent, Katherine has been a journalist, teacher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, convener, strategist, advisor, leader and citizen. In recent years, she has advised many of this generation’s leading philanthropists and foundations as well as rising social entrepreneurs and established business leaders. She is the co-author of What’s Next for Philanthropy: Acting Bigger and Adapting Better in a Networked World and Investing for Social and Environmental Impact: A Blueprint for Catalyzing an Emerging Industry. She has given dozens of major speeches about the future of philanthropy and social change, including one at the main TED conference.

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