• Kate Sheppard

    Senior Reporter & Environment & Energy Editor at The Huffington Post

    Kate Sheppard is a senior reporter and the environment and energy editor at The Huffington Post. She was a former staff reporter in Mother Jones‘ Washington bureau and, prior to that, she was the political reporter for Grist and a writing fellow at The American Prospect. Her work has also been featured in The New York Times‘ “Room for Debate” blog, The Guardian‘s “Comment Is Free,” Foreign Policy, High Country News, The Center for Public Integrity, Washington Independent, Washington Spectator, WhoRunsGov, In These Times, and Bitch. She was raised on a vegetable farm in southern New Jersey (yes, they do exist), but has adapted well to life in the nation’s capital. She misses trees and having a congressional representative with voting power, but thinks DC is pretty great anyway.


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