• Karim Ahmad

    Senior Digital Content Strategist at ITVS

    Karim Ahmad is the Senior Digital Content Strategist for The Independent Television Service (ITVS), where he oversees the organization’s digital content funding initiatives, portfolio development, and alignment to institutional objectives. He is also the Creator and Series Producer of the acclaimed digital series FUTURESTATES, recently reinvented as an immersive storyworld experience at futurestates.tv, and the ITVS Storylab, a development fund/incubator of independently-created next generation web series for public media distribution. Ahmad is also an independent cross-platform writer and producer, currently developing a portfolio of feature films, comic books, and interactive media. He previously served as Feature Development Director at San Francisco production company Momentum Cinema, where he wrote and produced the award-winning narrative feature film Harrison Montgomery, starring Oscar winner Martin Landau. Ahmad has served as a panelist/juror for numerous film funders and festivals, and received his BA from Pomona College.

    Follow Karim on Twitter @the_karachi_kid


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