• Jeremiah Owyang

    Founder of Crowd Companies

    Jeremiah Owyang is a leading expert on the collaborative economy and how disruptive technologies are transforming the global marketplace. He is the founder of Crowd Companies, a council that gathers internal, corporate agents of change in a setting where they can further learn about and engage in the Collaborative Economy. Jeremiah has helped major companies navigate the first phase of sharing, social media, and is now committed to helping companies through the second phase of sharing, as people share and create the physical world around them. Over the course of his career, Jeremiah has identified big trends before they happen, and has helped major companies through the transition.

    Previously, Owyang was an analyst with Forrester Research, advising and researching on social strategy for the interactive marketer. He was the founding partner and research director of Altimeter Group, focusing on customer strategy and emerging technologies. He currently sits on that organization’s board of advisors. He formed Crowd Companies in 2013 to focus on the emerging collaborative economy and the Maker Movement, which displaces the traditional role of manufacturers, empowering communities to build their own products and services.


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