• Jennifer Granholm

    Former Governor of Michigan

    A leading voice of the Democratic Party, Governor Granholm was elected Michigan’s first female governor in 2002. This trailblazer is one of the nation’s leading authorities on economic growth, clean energy policy and effective governance. During her tenure, Governor Granholm transformed the state’s declining economy through innovative public-private partnerships to grow emerging sectors and create jobs.

    In her book, “A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future,” Governor Granholm describes how her efforts working across the political aisle helped reposition the state’s economic portfolio. As a CNN Senior Political Commentator, she appears frequently on programs across the network to weigh in on the political news of the day.

    She draws from her transformative work in Michigan as she continues to make the case for the power of partnerships. With an insider’s view, she explains why this synergy is the key to America’s global competitiveness and economic sustainability. On stage, Governor Granholm energizes audiences with her spirited delivery, prompting individuals to define and achieve their own version of lasting success.

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